Case Study One - Regeneration Housing Project

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Scope of work

The following works were carried out on this particular project:
  • Stripping out and clearance of existing materials including protection to services
  • Excavations and earthworks/drainage/foundations
  • Brickwork and blockwork/spine wall strengthening
  • Windows and doors/fascias, gutters and rainwater goods
  • Re roofing and insulation
  • Internal finishes including ceilings, woodworks, rewire, plumbing, heating
  • New bathroom
  • New kitchen
  • New canopy
  • Painting and decoration
  • External reinstatement works inclusive of work required to make good adjacent properties
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Within the remit of Glenn Slater Contractors Limited is the participation in partnership with prominent housing associations of regenerative projects involving a wide range of housing association properties throughout the northwest. Below is a step by step redevelopment project appertaining to Edenfield.
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Undertaking projects of this nature involves extensive and effective communication with relative housing associations, support services and clients of said property and of adjacent properties to ensure that a first class service is delivered at all times in line with the company ethos to guarantee that customer satisfaction is at the forefront of the project and that minimum disruption to neighbours and the client is respected throughout the initiative.

Case Study Two - Aids & Adaptations Works

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Scope of work

The following adaptation works were carried out on this particular project:
  • Raised level landing to front door - handrails fitted to both sides
  • Re-graded approach to give level entry to porch and concrete paving to surrounding areas
  • Wall mounted changing stretcher fitted to bedroom 2 which required wall reinforcement to accommodate potential weight
  • Doors openings widened to bathrooms and bedrooms to give greater access for wheelchair user
  • Interior half height wall reduced to hallway to facilitate easier access for client
  • Electrical alterations to accommodate hoist fitment in bedroom
  • Specially adapted bathrooms/wet room for wheelchair user including changing facilities and anti-slip flooring
  • Bespoke kitchen units to accommodate low level access
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This small home in East Lancashire was extended and adapted for a client who was a wheelchair user. These adaptations enabled the client to have more freedom of access in her home. The garage was converted into a new room space and allowed the client to have specialist bathroom/wet room and changing facilities. In order to address the extremely steep slope from the property to the main road, it was decided that a safer option was a wide stepped ramp which declined in stages incorporating safety rails to give the wheelchair user and her carer a greater degree of control.
Adaptations including bespoke rise and fall units to the kitchen were fitted to enable the wheel chair user to use her kitchen facilities unaided, giving her greater independence.
The project had to be handled carefully to ensure that the client and her family received a prompt and quality service which caused as little disruption as possible to their daily routine due to the fact the family resided at home whilst the work took place. This involved careful planning and discussions between Glenn Slater Contractors and the family to ensure that they received a seamless service of quality that met their needs causing as little disruption to their family life as possible.

Case Study Three - Aids & Adaptations Works

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Scope of work

The following works were carried out on this particular project:
  • Carpentry
    • Plastering
    • Tiling
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical works
    • Ramps
    • Hoists
    • Lifts
    • Compliant showers and bathrooms


This project was commissioned by Liverpool Housing Trust and involved adaptations to twenty two sheltered housing bungalows. The residents were elderly with a wide range of health issues and varying disabilities, therefore the project had to be handled carefully to ensure that the customers received a prompt and quality service which caused as little disruption as possible to their daily routine. This involved meeting with the case managers, project manager and the residents on a one to one basis to agree practicable times for Glenn Slater Contractors to undertake the work also to take on board the specific needs of the residents. This ensured that all the adaptation works were seamless, carried out efficiently, on schedule and in accordance with the customer’s wishes without causing any undue distress and disruption.
These modifications improved the facilities for the people and ensured that they had the necessary support and adaptations to help them feel more confident and safe in their home environment. This work enabled the residents to have a greater degree of independence and freedom in their own home.
Glenn Slater Contractor’s staff received positive feedback from the case managers and residents who stated that they were diligent, considerate, approachable and understanding throughout this project. This approach is part of the company ethos and Glenn Slater Contractors expect any additional providers to adapt to this culture especially when dealing with vulnerable people.

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